Luigi A smart WordPress theme for upscale bistros and fine Italian restaurants.

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Get going quickly with setup options that won't drive you nuts

Use the live preview to build your homepage, and choose fonts and colors which match your branding. No need to spend hours configuring hundreds of options.

All you need to run a top-notch restaurant website

Luigi integrates with a powerful suite of carefully-selected, best-in-class plugins to take reservations, build menus, promote events, boost your SEO and more.

Clever search engine optimization for Google's local business listings

Restaurants, cafés and bars are hyper-local businesses. Luigi caters to Google's local search results, putting you on the map where it matters most.

Helpful support and honest advice that's got your back

Every theme comes with one-on-one support that aims to help you build successful restaurant websites. Learn more about my support policy and the 30-day money-back guarantee.