Put your restaurant on the map. Literally

Take advantage of Google's local search results to capture more customers searching in your area.

Business Profile

Help Google display your opening hours, map your location and share your contact details directly in local search results with this easy-to-use WordPress plugin.

Good Reviews

A WordPress plugin to help you highlight your best on- and off-line reviews with rich markup that search engines understand.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO maximizes your position in search results any time someone searches for local businesses. It uses special markup on your site to help Google and other search engines learn more about you.

  • Do restaurants, cafés or bars need Local SEO?

    The majority of searches for restaurants, cafés and bars are local searches. Many mobile searches are performed from within map apps that are primed to search for nearby establishments. Local SEO focuses on the most important searches for restaurants.

  • Google already shows my address correctly. Do I need this?

    Google is pretty good at discovering the details of existing businesses. But if your restaurant is new, moves locations or changes its opening hours, you can nudge Google to update it's listing more quickly if you're displaying these details correctly on your site.

  • I already use Yoast's SEO plugin. Isn't that enough?

    Yoast SEO is an amazing plugin that provides a number of site-wide SEO tools and helps you optimize your site content. My plugins offer features specific to local businesses that are different from what Yoast provides. I recommend running my plugins alongside Yoast's.

  • Are these plugins a magic bullet?

    No. These free plugins provide a way to markup your restaurant details to help Google and other search engines. But they still have the final say over how they decide to list you, and which restaurants they decide to list first. Think of these as a helping hand, not a secret key to the kingdom.

  • How does it work?

    Google and other search engines recognize standard Schema.org techniques for marking up information on your website. It's like saying to Google, "See this string of numbers? That's my phone number. And over here, these are my opening hours".

    Google is pretty smart. Sometimes it can tell what's an address and what's a phone number. But not always. These plugins provide you with simple tools to enter your details and have them output in well-formatted markup that doesn't make Google guess.