Do more with your booking form

Plan your dinner service better by asking for any special seating requests, dietary needs or other preferences during the initial booking request.

Get important information up front with custom fields

Better plan your restaurant service

Capture requests for special seating, dietary needs or other preferences before customers come through the door.

Drag-and-drop field editor

Quick, painless admin panel to add, edit and re-order the fields in your booking form.

Simple notification tags

Easily include custom information in your email notification templates.

Add text fields, option selections and confirmation checkboxes
Display custom fields in your bookings management
Organize your fields into custom fieldsets
This addon does not help you change colors or fonts. Why not?

Built on a great bookings platform

Custom Fields integrates seamlessly with all of Restaurant Reservation's core features as well as it's powerful suite of addons.

Get the info you need before you buy

Find answers to customers' most common questions in the FAQ. Or get in touch if you have any pre-sales questions.