Let’s try commenting

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Since day one, Theme of the Crop hasn’t allowed any commenting on blog posts here. To be honest, I didn’t want the extra hassle of managing them when I started, and over the years I just never bothered turning them on.

I like chatting over email, and I’ve always encouraged people to contact me privately with any questions or comments.

But sometimes it can be nice to chat in the open.

The public support forums for my free plugins have been a great resource for people to search past answers and learn more about my products. Maybe we can do the same here.

For now, every new blog post will have a little comment section down there below. If you’ve got any questions about the topic, or anything interesting to add, I’d love you to leave a comment. If you’re struggling with something, or you’ve got a good tip, you can be sure that other people reading will feel the same.

So why don’t you get it started by saying hello in the comment section below.

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  1. How about opening up comments for past how-to blog posts? F’rinstance, I just read the post about creating a complex menu layout. I had a question/comment about that one, but comments aren’t allowed.

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