A sneak peak at Luigi’s smart homepage builder

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My next WordPress restaurant theme comes with an easy-to-use homepage editor that will help you build a beautiful site for your restaurant, cafe or bar.

Luigi is now available!

Take a look at the video below to see just how easy it is to build a compelling homepage with all of your essential details.

Building better themes

When I started working on Luigi’s homepage editor, I had two goals:

  1. Create something flexible enough to build compelling layouts for any restaurant.
  2. Make sure your site looks great no matter what you throw at it.

Traditional page builders like Beaver Builder and Visual Composer give their users a lot of power. But they’re very complicated. They give you control over so many details that it’s often difficult to build a site that looks as good as the demo.

Page builders are built for designers. They’re built for people who know how to manage page composition, maintain vertical rhythm and carefully balance font sizes, weights and line heights.

The truth is that design is hard.

Smart limitations

Luigi’s homepage editor provides a set of carefully designed layout components. These components can be mixed and matched to build a compelling homepage without making any difficult design decisions.

You select the layout component you want, choose the photos, write the text or load content from your site, and it will be displayed beautifully.

And the layouts look terrific. That’s because I hired the amazing Jonathan Atkinson from Cr3ative Themes to design Luigi.

Now Available

Luigi is now available! You can take a look at the demo or read through the user guide.