CaféCultura gets high marks for code quality

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Independent theme reviewer Theme Friendly took a look at CaféCultura and rated it 8.7/10 on the quality of its code!

That puts CaféCultura pretty high in the rankings over at Theme Friendly — for now at least! They’ve just launched with reviews of more than 30 themes and they’re always adding more. Theme of the Crop will continue to work hard to deliver the highest quality code so you can be confident you’re buying a solid product.

What is Theme Friendly?

Theme Friendly is a new initiative by professional WordPress developer Alex Mansfield. He’s taking a close look at premium WordPress themes from shops all across the web and rating them on their technical merits. This is a really important step forward for the premium WordPress theme market. Many of the big theme shops like ThemeForest are full of themes that look great but don’t employ solid, secure programming practices. Some of the biggest names in WordPress have raised this issue before.

Features provided by the quality WordPress restaurant theme CaféCultura

That means a website running these themes may look great, but it’s prone to causing problems down the line — everything from slow performance on mobile devices to an increased risk that your site will break with future versions of WordPress. This is why quality code is so important. For the average buyer, who can only judge a theme based on its looks, they can now turn to Theme Friendly for an idea of the quality of the code powering the theme.

Want to know more about Theme of the Crop’s commitment to rock-solid code? Read about the principles that guide Theme of the Crop‘s product development. And then hurry up and buy CaféCultura!